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Greater Apparel is a clothing line established in San Diego that aims to produce not only innovative designs but also the highest quality apparel possible. We want to bring personality into our T-shirts by incorporating a sense of sophistication, humor, as well as heart for the city life, EDM, House and music in general. Our mission is to provide you with greater apparel and greater quality.

At Greater Apparel we take pride in our mission to bring great ideas and innovation to clothing.

Taking clothing to the greater level; Greater Apparel.

Mission Statement - Greater Apparel LLC

At Greater Apparel, our goal is to never jeopardize on quality no matter what the cost is. We promise only to deliver the greatest and highest quality designs and shirts.


Our mix of cutting edge, trendy and modern designs is what will set us apart from the masses. We only promise the best designs for our loyal customers, guaranteed.


Greater Apparel's mission is very simple, modern designs mixed with high quality and affordable price. We take pride in what we do and that is why we started.


Nice high quality designs is nothing without affordability. We want to cater to the masses. Our goal is to keep cost down while maintaining our quality.

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