The Product Information We are not kidding!

At Greater Apparel we only use the high level material and printing techniques therefore only delivering the greatest product. We want all our customers to feel confident about the product you will be buying from Greater Apparel.

Product Guideline - Greater Apparel LLC

Cotton/Polyester Blend

Greater Apparel only uses the highest quality blend to ensure the person wearing the shirt will feel comfortable at all time. Your shirts should not just be stylish but also comfortable.

Pre-shrunk and Fitted

Greater Apparel shirts come pre-shrunk and fitted. This means when it goes into the washer the shirt will not result in 1 or 2 sizes smaller. Your shirt will retain it's original size and quality.

Quality Printing

Greater Apparel designs are imprinted on the shirts at the high level of quality possible. We are experienced, honest and most importantly we do not cut corners on the print quality to save money.

The Technology Information Be warned, this gets boring! is built from the ground up ensuring the highest level of usability, flexibility, speed and security. We use state of the art security system designed to ensure the user is safe and their data sensitive data stays with the provider and us.

Technology Guideline - Greater Apparel LLC

Enterprise Card Vendor uses Stripe to process all card payments. They are a well known card vendor which serves many of the large enterprise companies. We only use the best of the best to ensure GreaterApparel's customer's data are safe.

The real truth is that we hate dealing with credit-card companies so we went with the best vendor to do our work for us!

Cloud-based Security, SSL and Optimization is powered and secured by CloudFlare Professional. With CloudFlare SSL ensures that all data coming in and out of our servers are protected and secured from the outside world thus ensuring the user's data is safe and sound with us.

Yes, our engineers do security and optimization!

State Of The Art Framework is built from the famous Ruby on Rails framework. It gives us the flexibility and tools we need. As a bonus Ruby on Rails is used in millions of site today; from small to big. Some big sites include Groupon, Twitter, Linked-in and thousands more.

And plus, we all love Ruby here at GreaterApparel.

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